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Meet AFLOAT, the waterbed reimagined.

Imagine a bed that totally supports and conforms to the shape of your body. Imagine a bed that is precisely as cool or as warm as you want it to be.

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Why a Waterbed?


The perfect medium

Incredibly, our bodies are more than 70% water. Even our muscles are mostly water. Why is a warm bath so soothing? Why does an ice pack treat a bruise or sprain so effectively? For the same reason a waterbed is so comfortable and soothing. All three are examples of two liquid mediums working in harmony.

The best possible sleep.

A “perfect” night’s sleep consists of a series or repeating “sleep cycles”. Each cycle is about 90 minutes long, and naturally provides the right amount of emotionally restorative “REM” and deep physically rejuvenating “Delta” sleep. Outside influences can disturb the natural rhythm of sleep. Afloat can’t prevent you from drinking three cups of coffee before you go to bed, but it can reduce tossing and turning.

Temperature matters

While our core temperature is 98.6, our skin temperature is about 5 degrees cooler. We want to sleep in an environment that is compatible with our surface temperature. Water is also a terrific medium for temperature transfer. Everyone has a different idea about the perfect sleep temperature. A well- designed waterbed allows you to keep your sleep environment the exact temperature you consider ideal.

Watch our President, Charles Hall explains the WHY. 


Waterbeds can be used to reduce your home energy costs. In the summer you turn up the home temperature setting to reduce night-time airconditioning, while you set your bed temperature slightly cooler. In the winter you turndown the home temperature setting to use less night-time heating, while you are warm & cozy in your waterbed. Our patent-pending insulation system reduces Afloat’s energy useby about 40% compared to an ordinary waterbed.

Watch our Demo.

More precise body contouring and support

The Afloat water compartment is designed with a loose fit so that when you lie down the mattress will completely conform to your body. The Afloat fabric cover contains the same materials used in stretch jeans. The cover works with the water compartment to maintain the maximum degree of support to every inch of your body, regardless of your sleeping position. The lack of skin pressure concentration allows great blood circulation, which means less tossing and turning, and a better night’s sleep.

Fantastic temperature control

The design of the Afloat fabric cover provides dramatically better temperature control than the old “soft-sided” waterbeds with the thick covers. Our Firm Flotation model uses a layer of memory foam, and because of Afloat’s unique design, the memory foam temperature is controlled by you, not the memory foam. Afloat offers a standard model that will keep your mattress within 1 degree of the temperature you select. If you and your sleeping partner don’t always agree on the perfect temperature, you’ll love our dual temperature model. That way you’re both happy…and getting a great night’s sleep.

No critters.

No one likes to talk about it, but most beds have critters. Dust mites and bed bugs love to move into the the cotton, foam, fiber or even the wood inside an ordinary mattress and call it home. The key to keeping them out is to not let them in. Afloat’s impermeable membrane used for the bed liner and the water compartment locks the door. Afloat’s fabric stretch cover is fully removable and machine- washable. You can keep your hypo-allergenic Afloat mattress as clean and fresh as your bed linens.

Rest Assured  - 100 Day Mattress Guarantee

We are so confident that you will enjoy your new Afloat bed that we guarantee it with our exclusive 100 Night Comfort Guarantee.

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More Features to Love


Foam Frame

The perimeter foam frame that supports the waterbed mattress is made from a specially formulated foam that is not only long-lasting but also conforms to your body when you are sitting on the edge of the bed or when you are sleeping near the edge of the bed.


Unlike the original waterbeds, your Afloat bed uses standard bed linens and works with any type of bedroom furniture.

Stretch Fabric

Afloat uses the same fabric technology that is used in stretch denim and other stretchable fabrics to conform to your body far better than old “soft-sided” waterbeds ever could. The Afloat cover is also removable, machine-washable, and replaceable should it ever become soiled or damaged.

The History of AFLOAT.
The Team
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Charles Hall
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Michael Geraghty 
Chief Executive Officer
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Keith Koenig
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Steve Wilder
Chief Financial Officer
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Garry Ikola
Chief Sales Officer
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Gurtegh Singh
Executive Vice President
How AFLOAT started.

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